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There are a lot of customization options in PyStark to customize the behavior of your bot. All customization options can be configured using which is generated along with boilerplate. This is the same thing we read in the last page but with some highlights.


Don't skip this section as it's special.

Change the default messages

PyStark comes with in-built plugins like start and help. But what if you want to have different messages than the in-built ones? They are easily customizable.

You can change their values in Change START value for /start command in private chats, START_IN_GROUPS value for /start command in groups, HELP for /help and ABOUT for /about.

Special Keywords

You may want to mention user or bot in start or help messages. You can use special keywords to do that. They will be replaced at runtime.

  • {user} - User's first name
  • {bot} - Bot's name
  • {user_mention} - User mention as a hyperlink
  • {bot_mention} - Bot mention as a hyperlink
  • {owner} - Owner mention (only works if OWNER_ID is set, otherwise @pystark is used)
  • {commands} - Only for HELP message. It is replaced with all the commands and their descriptions for an easy help message.

So let's say your start message is set to Hi {user} and your first name on telegram is Stark then bot will send Hi Stark.

Remove the default plugins

PyStark comes with many in-built plugins, also called addons. By default, four of them are enabled which are start, help, about and id To remove them you need to configure ADDONS options of

To remove all addons, do this:


You can also choose specific addons to configure. For example, you can enable only start and help like this:


Rename the plugins directory

You may notice that if you rename the plugins directory, the plugins won't load. To fix this you need to put the name of your plugins directory to PLUGINS option of

PLUGINS = "name of plugins folder"

Let's say you renamed the plugins folder to files. Then you should do this:

PLUGINS = "files"

Disable Bot Menu Updating

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