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Environment Variables

PyStark needs some special keys as environment variables to run your bot. This section will explain how to get them and configure them.


Never disclose API_ID, API_HASH and specially BOT_TOKEN to anyone!

  • API_ID

API Keys

API Keys are one of the most important needed keys to work with any MTProto Framework. They include a API_ID and API_HASH.

You can get these from

Bot Token

Bot Token is a specific token for every telegram bot. You will get it when you create a new bot using BotFather

It should be filled as BOT_TOKEN

Filling the Variables

  • For Local Deploy - fill them in .env file.

  • For Heroku Deploy - fill them after you tap on Deploy to Heroku button on your repository.

Non-mandatory Variables

  • SUDO_USERS - User IDs (or Usernames) of users that can use sudo_only commands, buttons, inline searches. Specify multiple users by adding spaces.
  • LOG_CHAT - Username or ID of telegram group/channel for logging to telegram using Stark.log_tg method.
  • OWNER_ID - Your Telegram ID (or Username). Get it using Identity Bot or Rose

Other Variables

Necessity of these variables depends on particular use case. For example, you need DATABASE_URL only if you use sql database. You need REDIS_URL only if you use redis as your database.

  • DATABASE_URL - needed only for PostgreSQL database
  • REDIS_URL - needed only for Redis database (public endpoint)
  • REDIS_PASSWORD - needed only for Redis database
  • DB_SESSION - needed only for using Telegram as a database.
  • DB_CHAT_ID- needed only for using Telegram as a database (ID of a new channel).
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