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Frequently Asked Questions

What is PyStark?

  • PyStark is a spoon-feeding library based on Pyrogram.

  • Pyrogram is a spoon-feeding MTProto Framework made in Python.

  • Python is a spoon-feeding programming language.

Where to run commands?

This means that you are an absolute beginner.

  • If you are using Windows, tap on Start button and search for cmd or Command Prompt.

  • If you are using MacOS or Linux`, search for Terminal.

How to open file manager in current directory?

  • For Windows use the start command:
$ start .
  • For MacOS use the open command:
$ open .
  • For Linux use the xdg-open command:
$ xdg-open .

The dot (.) after command is required to open in current directory.

Where to learn Python ?

There are tons of websites and free video tutorials to learn Python. But here's what I'll recommend you:



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