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Quick Start

Following these steps will allow you to see PyStark in action as quickly as possible.


Installation of Python with version 3.9 or above is required!


1. Open up your terminal.

2. Install PyStark with pip

$ pip3 install pystark

3. Generate a boilerplate using PyStark's command-line tool.

$ pystark --boilerplate

4. Enter the newly created boilerplate directory.

$ cd boilerplate

5. Open the file manager in current directory.

6. Edit the .env file and fill your API_ID, API_HASH and BOT_TOKEN. Get the API keys from and bot token from BotFather.

7. Run the bot using python

$ python3

What does this do?

The above steps will help you set up your bot and run it. You can use the command /start to check if your bot is actually running.

Your bot now has four default commands:

  • /start - Start the bot (also works in groups)
  • /help - See a help message for the bot.
  • /about - About the bot.
  • /id - Get Telegram ID (also works in groups)

Stop the bot using Ctrl+C.

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